The South Shore Education Foundation...

The South Shore Education Foundation is a 501(c) (3) organization assisting the South Shore School District, a small northern Wisconsin rural school district, located in Port Wing, Wisconsin. The district has approximately 150 students K-12. The district has a high poverty rate yet our test scores are very good and our students are eager learners.

The Foundation has been in existence since 2005.  We have raised over $300,000 and given grants of more than $200,000.  Starting in 2014, we initiated a program to provide a laptop or notebook computer to all students K thru 12.  As of 2018, this program is being continued by the school district. The graduating seniors are allowed to keep the laptop as their own to use in their future endeavors.  This assures “ownership” responsibilities and encourages scholastic success.

Our fund raising goals target these areas:

  1. Sustainability for ongoing initiatives in future years.
  2. Positively influence every student in the school with the support of academics, athletics and activities.

We are exploring initiatives to support all disciplines.

Board Officers and Members

President & Treasurer
Kevin Kavajecz

Immediate Past President
Richard Kresky

Vice - President
Karleen Tjepkema

Vice President of Development
Dr. Gary Holquist

Board Member
Laurie Perkins

Board Member
John Nedden - Durst

Lindsay Hogfeldt

Board Member
Sue Vojacek

Board Member
Sue Vojacek